National Debt Line


Knowing where to turn to for help when you owe money can be vital, because dealing with debts on your own is difficult. It can leave you feeling under pressure, anxious or even depressed. This makes it even harder to tackle the problem in a confident and constructive way.


That’s why it’s so important to know what the National Debt Line is. You can check your eligibility for help in managing the situation and even writing off some of the money you owe.

National Debt Line

National Debt Line cuts through to the issues


Searching on the internet can sometimes make you feel even more overwhelmed and alone when you’re trying to get out from under a mountain of debt.


This is a really personal problem – you may need someone to talk directly so they can provide individual help and support, not least because the money you owe could involve more than one organisation chasing you for payments. This could be credit card providers, your bank, a catalogue firm or utility companies, for example.


The National Debt Line was set up to help people like you, so that you can get clear advice that cuts through all the confusion and worry. It involves a helpline phone number and website support, too.


It was launched by a charity called The Money Advice Trust. This is an independent service – not tied to any money lender, government department or company. The National Debt Line is also free to use.


What can the National Debt Line do for you?


If you contact the National Debt Line via the website or phone number, someone can chat to you about your options. This can include everything from having a clear plan to repay debts to dealing with bailiffs entering your home. The National Debt Line can also advice on how to declare bankruptcy if there is no other way out.


If possible, the National Debt Line will help you to find a less stressful and more positive solution to sorting out your debts. This is also something you can also check here .


Write off My Debt


The Write off My Debt calculator is a quick and easy way to see if you qualify for help in writing off your debts through a government-backed scheme.


It could open up a way for you to work in partnership with specialist, who can manage your debts for you. This leaves you with just one, affordable monthly payment to find.


Call 0800 002 9051 for help in managing your debts once and for all, or click here for instant feedback on whether you qualify for substantial help in writing off some of the money you owe.

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