Debt Management


Looking for help to manage debt can be hard, particularly if you want to tackle the problem quietly and with the minimum fuss. There are so many different ideas about and tips on debt management that it can sometimes be rather bewildering.


After all, this is a highly personal problem. You need a service to tackle your money worries that supports you as an individual or a business, and you also want to have debt management insights that can actually work. For example, you need to know whether you are eligible for substantial help in writing off some of your debts.


Debt management options


Sorting out a tangle of debts that have grown over time can be a tricky business. It could be that you owe thousands of pounds, spread across more than one creditor.


Or it could be that the debt management advice you need should cover such things as handling bank loans, pay day loans, credit cards that are maxed out, catalogue credit that is piling up and how to deal with bills left unpaid.


You need debt management advice that cuts through a lot of the stress and confusion. The starting point is often to take time to map out an honest picture of just how much you owe and to which organisations. Which debts are more urgent? For example, could you lose your home or have your power switched off?


Debt management can also include finding ways to stop the debts getting even larger, such as cutting up credit cards and learning ways to be far more thrifty.

Debt Management

Easy way to lift the weight off your shoulders


Whether all of this sounds like a big headache or you’ve tried lots of debt management techniques already, your next step to manage debt effectively and quickly could well be to use the Write off My Debt Calculator.


The Write off My Debt Calculator enables you to check if you are entitled to shed between 25% and 90% of the amount you owe, under a government-backed initiative. It’s an excellent debt management option that avoids the upset and complications of declaring bankruptcy, for example.


The Write off My Debt Calculator shows if you are entitled to work out an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), which means that your debt management is passed over to a specialist, who negotiates with your creditors on your behalf. Some of the amount could be cancelled out, and the rest is paid off by the specialist service. All you have to do is to meet one affordable monthly payment that you pay to the debt management specialist.


How can you access such a straightforward debt management option?


Simply call 0800 002 9051 or click here to access the Write off My Debt Calculator.

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