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One of the most popular sources of help to manage debt in the UK, is an organisation called Citizens Advice. At one time this was known as the Citizens Advice Bureau.


If you are worried about how much money you owe, making an appointment at your local Citizens Advice office could be an excellent place to start.


The range of services offered by Citizens Advice


This independent charity has been helping people with money worries for many years. Citizens Advice can also provide you with guidance and tips on a lot of other personal issues too. This includes, for example, information on benefits entitlement, housing issues, immigration issues and health problems. They can also talk to you about family matters, including divorce and civil separations.


All the debt advice provided is private and confidential. This can be important if you want to sort out your debts without anyone else knowing about your problems.


Citizens Advice office nearby?


You may be asking “Is there a Citizens Advice near me?”


There is a good chance that the answer is yes. That’s because there is a network of over 300 Citizen Advice offices in towns and cities throughout the UK. Citizens Advice has 23,000 staff, who volunteer their time and expertise to provide help to those in need.


How can Citizens Advice help with debt worries?


When it comes to money management, Citizens Advice can talk you through day to day ways of stretching your benefits or wage, for example.


If you have already slipped into debt, Citizens Advice can provide insights into how to stop that problem from getting bigger. After all, debt is a common problem in the UK.


Though of course, everyone has their own personal money issues. You could have a range of different organisations demanding that you settle your debts, from banks, pay day loan and credit card firms, to utility companies and store catalogues.


Citizens Advice can help you sort through it all. They can also talk to you about long-term debt management solutions, such as the Government backed Individual Voluntary Arrangement scheme.


Help in writing off some debts


An IVA enables you to hand over much of the work in dealing with your creditors, to a specialist third party. You may even be entitled to have a proportion of your debts written off completely.


With an IVA, your creditors would no longer contact you directly. You would simply make one, affordable monthly payment to your specialist provider.

Citizens Advice UK

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